Friday, 19 October 2018

The sun is gone now, or… almost.

Summer is away and lectures are back! Not really cheerful if you consider that our study sessions start again. Thankfully, this also mean that fall and winter are back, and yes, it will be the perfect excuse to renew your wardrobe.

Having followed the NY fashion week quite carefully, I found many trends that would seem to be distinguishable from the rest this fall / winter.

First of all let’s talk about tiles. Once really appreciated, tiles are coming back pretty easily in all forms and colors for the cold seasons. Subsequently, everyone one can choose their own form to make the product fit their style. Pants, jackets, coats, skirts or even accessories, you can be sure you will find tiles everywhere. 

Styling them in an extravagant or a neutral way will be perfectly adequate in many life situations. I personally opted for a more neutral way with this jacket and tee-shirt from Mango, which fits into my chic casual every day style.


Faux fur is another trend which is rising this year. If we might remember it from past fall / winter, it has grown even more and had a major impact on catwalks this year as they are at the heart of almost every designer’s collection. I am currently trying to find the “best” faux fur coat and that is how I discovered that there is a LOT of choice. 

You can find faux fur articles on every clothing website or shops (if you are more of a “going out” shopping type of person). As I am still waiting for the perfect coat, I decided to buy this kind of “sheep” top from Zara and styled it with a pair of black jeans and black boots. 

Izzy Hyatt
A well-known 90’s trend is also brought back to the forefront this fall / winter and is very adaptable. Your guess was right, we are talking about animal prints! Leopard, snakes or zebra everyone can find the right piece. Indeed, if you’re a fan of vintage clothes, animal prints will be perfect for you as it comes from what the French call our “mum’s wardrobe”. 

If vintage is not your cup of tea and you would rather dress in a classic or casual way, no worries, many designers thought about you. After a really long search, I finally choose to get a central and versatile piece of clothing and bought this leopard coat from Zara. Is also a good match to my personal style and life as black is one of my favourite clothing colour. 

 What would trend would you embrace this fall?

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