Find some Frida in your Wardrobe

Sunday, 21 October 2018

As the days get shorter and the nights colder, I always like to spruce up my wardrobe with something fun and a little different. What better way to add a twist to your fashion this autumn than with a little inspiration from the Queen of style herself: Frida Kahlo. Kahlo, for better or worse, has assumed the legendary status of artist like no other. You might not know her name, you might not know her work, but everyone knows those eyebrows- or should I say eyebrow? 

I recently had the opportunity to visit the V&A’s new exhibition: ‘Frida Kahlo, Making her Self Up’, which displays for the first time ever ‘a collection of personal artifacts and clothing’ that were previously locked away for fifty years! Although the reaction to this exhibition has been mixed and there was discussion of too much focus on her personal story over her art, as an exhibition of fashion it was remarkable. Inspired by my favourite bi-sexual, Latin American, feminist, left-wing artist (that’s a lot of labels). I started to think about my own dull fashion and…

What would Frida do? 

Here are my three top tips for finding some Frida in your wardrobe:


Just because it’s Autumn doesn’t mean we should shy away from colour, try colour blocking an outfit or just adding a pop to your outfit with a scarf or jacket.


Looking at Frida’s fashion collection its wonderful to see the elaborate, detailed array of patterns and influences. As well as a deep love for her own culture, she was particularly fascinated by aspects of Chinese culture. Make sure to recognise and respect any cultural influences in your fashion and don't appropriate or buy from places that exploit other cultures for profit or gain. 


Flowers were a key symbol that appeared throughout Frida’s work and in real life as she wore them in her hair plucked straight from the garden! If you’re not feeling the flowers, why not try a headband instead?

If all else fails, remember the title of the V&A’s exhibition and make it up!

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